Sunday, 14 October 2012

Shrouded Expectations.


Expectations in
a shroud; ready to be laid
to rest - broken heart
Written for: Haiku Hearts on the prompt, SHROUD.

Saturday, 6 October 2012


Our final abode
At the end of each day and
of Life - Home sweet home
Home is a place where we head to at the end of each tiring day. It welcomes us with open arms every time we go to it and embraces us with its warmth and comfort shoving away the exhaustion and fatigue of the day. Home is also the place from where we begin our day. In other words, home is the place where we are born everyday (rising from sleep each morning) and it is the place where we half-die each night (sleep is half-death, right?).
The home in this world, a building of bricks and cement, is a temporary one. What is the permanent one, then? It is that place from where we sprang into existence and to which we return at the end of Life. This is what I feel. There has to be a place from where we came and to which we will return. This world is a journey. All of us are travelling and searching for our home simultaneously. There are times when we feel different. We feel like we don't belong here. The world is just not the place for us. But then, there isn't any place to which we've been other than this world, is there? Yet, this feeling does exist. And come to analyse it a bit, it is no different from the feeling of home-sickness. We are in our home (the world), then how is it even possible to feel home-sickness of this sort? The only rational (maybe not completely) explanation is that there is a place other than this world which transcends time and space and it is for this place that we feel home-sick.
This is the place we were residing in before we came into this world and this is the place to which we will return after we leave this world.
Our Final Abode.
Our Home Sweet Home.
Written for: Haiku Heights on the prompt HOME.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Silently Loud Connection

Connections. There are so many notions taking birth in my mind that I can write a book on this single word. Right now, there is just one that is loud and clear and that is going to get my preference. I owe this one to Theme Thursday.

"Marriage is the unison of two souls", they say. I had my doubts about this courtesy my naivety, narrow horizon of my mind and my inability to see the rose amidst the thorns. At this stage of Life, I have risen above all the restrictions to notice and understand the beauty of the relationship called marriage. As I explore the subtelities of it, there is one that catches my attention - the mutual understanding between the couple. It's astonishing to see how unspoken words form their language of communication when required. Magical is more apt a term. One example that I take utmost pleasure in stating here is that of my parents. They exude this magic that I talk of. I have seen it and felt it in a way. This is no romantic fairytale kind of an idea that feels good in books and movies and can never come true. It is as true as it can be and it just takes a little bit of patience along with an effort to bid the devil called Ego a firm bye-bye to generate this sort of silent mutual understanding. It isn't a Herculean task to understand each other when feelings are expressed through words. The real challenge, so to say, lies in grasping each other's emotions by sending words on a holiday. It is as though an aura engulfs two souls connected by an invisible cord of Love and Understanding. And this is The Connection.  

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Truth Always Reveals Itself.

Veiled with lies as clouds
do, yet it will rise to shine;
Truth is like the Sun.

Truth never
lied; Ignorance made
Lie vanish.

Written for: Haiku Heights on the prompt TRUE.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Whirly Wordle ;)

With your pain, you pierce my soul,
I share your bruise although it makes a hole.
With all your might, you crash down on me,
I embrace your burst of rage and set you free.
Your playful beat embellishes me steady and slow,
I reflect your joy which makes my features glow.
With your edginess, you crumple my existence,
I don't crouch and aquiesce with persistence.
I help to draw your imagination on me,
And to chisel out your piece of art with glee.
I am the most faithful companion ever,
Trust me and I'll betray you never.
"How can I be so reliable?", don't you wonder,
To make one of my kind, many a tree they tamper.
I split myself with your joy, tears, creativity and anger,
Always with and for you, I'm your reliable PAPER!

;) :) :D

Written for: The Sunday Whirl.

Harsh Truth!

Endless, intense pain
locks away all emotions;
Heart is but a stone.

Written for: Haiku Heights.

Monday, 9 April 2012

It's All Good! :)

Destiny might seem addicted to sorrows.

But, buried deep in its blood and marrow is a story with ordered randomness making sense to only those who join the dots and read between the lines.

And, they are the ones who can turn the staggering tunes of life into melodious songs gaining the ability to mate the broken pieces of their shattered hearts, again and again, which eternally glorify the phrase,
"After every dusk, there is always a dawn".

wordle 51

Written for: The Sunday Whirl
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